About me


When I was 18 I read a book by Claudia Black. Her book, It Will Never Happen to Me changed my life by showing me that the way I grew up was not normal. I am an adult child of two (deceased) alcoholic parents. Her book informed me in a way no one had ever done before.

Through this book I realized that I could live my life differently and the mistakes of my parents were just that; their mistakes, not mine. I looked at their life choices in all areas and vowed; It will never happen to me. I have kept that promise for the most part. I definitely made my own mistakes along the way but I knew better so I did better.

My life as been nothing if not colorful. Filled with the challenges of overcoming my very dysfunctional and often times brutal childhood. Learning to be a parent through reading books, watching friends and an innate knowing that the way I was raised was clearly flawed, dangerous and unhealthy.

I have travelled the world, had many amazing experiences, my fair share of horrific, life altering moments and best of all, survived my self-destructive tendencies.

These last 12 months I have found myself going through tremendous changes. Through writing, painting, drawing and most importantly listening to really great music, I am making my way through it.

I have decided that it is time to share my story… one blog at a time.

Many thanks to you, the reader, who somehow stumbled into my world and decided to hang out for a minute or two to get to know me…

A clearly flawed artist/writer piecing together shattered sense of self by writing memoir, painting the soul and traveling the world saving animals one at a time.

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