Harry and Meghan

The Prince and the Duchess

In the beginning it was the love story of the century. It felt as if the world was behind the new couple. Approved, encouraged and applauded their love story. The Monarchy appeared to embrace their prince’s choice of such a beautiful and accomplished woman. By allowing Prince Harry to choose Meghan, even if she was just an actress. A divorced biracial American actress. The Firm appeared to be stepping into the 21st century. Publicly aligning themselves with a sign of times.

Here we are, just five years later and so much as changed. Maybe changed isn’t the right word. Betrayal. It started with the betrayal of Meghan’s by her own father. Selling out his daughter for a few moments of fame and a couple of dollars? I wonder if it was worth it. I wonder if his 15 minutes were worth the deep pain, betrayal and soul scaring, his choices have caused his daughter. Then there’s the trickle-down effect of that betrayal because, as try as they might, Archie and Lilibet will be impacted.

Would he make the same choices if given the opportunity? I’d like to say I am curious as to why he did what he did to his daughter but there isn’t an explanation that person could offer that would make what he did okay.

Embraced by all. In the beginning Meghan was touted at the best thing to have happened to the Monarchy since Harry’s mom, Princess Diana married King Charles. Sadly, much like his mother, stories began to appear in the papers, magazines, television and from the dark reaches of the palace itself. Stories… Fairytales. Vastly different. It’s not hard to decipher which ones are true and which are not, but in this case, when it comes to the Prince and the Duchess, the stories are the fairytales. Just not the good ones.

Where did it all go so wrong? Was it the whispers that Meghan made Kate cry? That Meg was being a bridezilla of sorts. Or was it the press with their voracious appetite for negative copy, that in the end would be intended to discredit the future, Duchess of Sussex. The father controversy would only carry them so far. The half-sister shouting at anyone who would listen (insert British press), that she had dirt on Meghan.

Since when did Britian’s beloved Prince Harry become such an outcast? Wait. It’s not Harry’s fault, is it? It’s his wife’s fault. Megixt (is that what they called it?) Of course, it’s her fault. Why wouldn’t it be? Women have been shouldering the blame for choices men have made for centuries. Why should this be any different. Because like it or not, you are wrong. It also makes Harry look weak, which, from what I have seen is not the case at all.

I know bullying when I see it. When I think of all the things I have read or heard about, my question is this: Have you no shame?

What if the shoe were on the other foot. Don’t you believe you would want and deserve compassion? Empathy? A hug? Do you really want this young wife and mother to kill herself? Would that make you feel better? Would you jump up and down shouting, “We won, we won!”

Meghan and Harry’s biggest sin is falling in love, and I believe that is what bothers people so much. We always root for the girl from the wrong side of tracks to be rescued by her prince charming. But when it happens? We become jealous and spiteful and mean. We want to build them up only to tear them down. I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will. Meghan is not the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Harry did not rescue her. She rescued him. They rescued each other.

Please stop saying, if they don’t want to be in the spotlight then they should just……! The sad but true reality is that they have to work. Just like you and me. They have a family to support. What they need to have, and we don’t is a robust 24/7 security team. I’m not talking about a ring doorbell and your local security system. They need to be kept safe. That is their reality, and we are all culpable in that.

So, you can spout hatred and judgement about their choices. Remember, the light you create falls on back on you. If you want to show your support, then buy the book. Keep listening to the podcast. Watch the Netflix special, stop reading click bait. If you want to show your disdain, then continue to click away at all of the ugliness that is out there. Make the newspapers richer than they already are. Hide behind your keyboard. The choice is up to you. 

I don’t pretend to know their relationship with each other or their families. But what I do know is this, they are human. Just like us. Humans that have an incredible love story that has reignited my belief that this kind of love still exists.

Humanity or Hatred. Where do you land?

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