When the lie hurts more than the truth

I’ve often been told that I have the gift of sight. Actually, before I was born my mother went to a psychic that told her I would be born with a “veil” on my face and I would be “special”. The world would know me and I would have gifts that others did not have.

I grew up with that story.

I did research on the “veil” and found it to be somewhat accurate. There are babies born with a “caul” which is often called a veil. It is a piece of membrane from the amniotic sac that clings to the face of the newborn and comes with many superstitions and legends. Often, caul babies are considered to be natural born leaders and often by birthright are Kings and Queens.

That sounds very romantic and faraway but I have been told I have the gift of sight or that I tend to “know” certain things before they happen. I am not certain about all of that but I do know that I have very accurate and strong intuitions that have guided me through out my life.

Like the time  when my husband and I had separated and he told me he was going to California for a work thing but I felt strongly that was not the truth. I was right. He was in Hawaii. I didn’t know at the time why he felt the need to lie to me but lie to me he did. I recently found out that the woman he is currently dating (an old girlfriend) was in Honolulu at the same time he was. My gut tells me they were there together but I have no proof. Just my instinct… that is accurate 99% of the time.

Once I made this connection others began to fall into place. I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing but it all made sense to me now. It validated his reasons for lying to me at the time. Of course I didn’t know it then. I was in too much pain. I just wanted the pain to stop and for him to love me again. So I believed the lie because anything else would be unbearable.

Here we are several months later and I am getting clarity.

The question is this: Would I rather believe the lie he told me than the truth?

Pain is pain, right? Whether it the truth that hurts or the lie to cover it up. It still hurts when you find out.

The truth.
I want the truth.
I deserve the truth.
He owes me the truth.

Doesn’t he?

The truth shall set us free… won’t it?

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3 Responses to When the lie hurts more than the truth

  1. whythispath says:

    I totally get it. My husband used to tell me I was crazy…. I was. Because I saw something, yet he was telling me a different story. It’s like being told you are looking at a sky, when clearly you are looking at the ground.

  2. whythispath says:

    I didn’t always know there were others who had experiences like mine. In irony, while I would wish this wouldn’t happen to anyone, I am glad to know I am not alone.

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