The power of one…

I am reposting this blog due to the importance and time sensitive nature of the situation. Please continue to support Sarah Carter in her efforts to move forward with Twala Trust and getting the animals to their new homes. Tweet, blog and/or donate. Spread the word. Thank you!

It Will Never Happen To Me


If you have read my blog you know that I love animals as much, if not more than people. I definitely trust animals more than people.

This past January I was fortunate enough to spend the entire month volunteering at Bally Vaughn Animal Sanctuary located outside of Harare, Zimbabwe. I chose BV because of Sarah Carter (pictured above with Zimba, a baby Vervet who was rescued at 3 weeks when his mother was killed).

Before deciding where and how I was going to dedicate my time and money while doing this month of service I did a lot of research. I found Sarah and Bally Vaughn through the website Every word that I read on her website resonated with me. The love, care and respect that Sarah and her team have for the animals truly aligned with my personal feelings.

Sarah is one of those amazingly self-less people that has dedicated…

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