When people show you who they are believe them



I was watching Oprah one day many years ago when I first heard her share the very wise words of her dear friend and mentor Maya Angelo: When people show you who they are, believe them.

It can not be any clearer or simpler than that and I have tried to live by that premise.

Here’s the challenge… what do you when they change?

You believe them.

What if they are flip floppers?

Believe them.

Believing when people show us who they truly are whether it be positive or negative is the only way to navigate your own course and not be distracted by the pretty shiny things someone might be trying to use to steer you off your course and on to their own.

It’s not easy. I’m a girl. I like pretty shiny things and can be easily distracted.

However, what I know for sure is who I am. I trust my instinct about people and am often right.

And when I am wrong, I own it.

Good or bad.

When people show you who they are… Believe them. It just might save you some time and heartache.


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