Looking for Mr. Rebound

Natalie at HMA Aug 2008 2

It’s been 14 months since my marriage ended and 10 months since the last time my ex and I were intimate. It’s been a rough road and I am still in the process of healing and while I know that I am not ready for a relationship, I do know that I am ready for a hug.

Not just any hug. The kind of hug that says, “Hey, I think your awesome and I want to touch you but not in a creepy way.” Is that too much to ask?

My friends tell me that I should just go out and meet someone. They say it’s okay to have a “rebound” relationship.

Like it’s almost expected.


I feel like I won’t be able to have a real relationship until I have this required rebound fling.

Okay… I guess I’m ready for the rebound guy.

Now what do I do?

Where do I find him?

All of the sudden my friends are quiet. They’ve given me all of the advice they had–and now I am on my own.

I tried online dating very briefly and that was a disaster (stories to follow).

I don’t work in a target rich environment so that’s out.

My friends and family aren’t any help as they don’t know anyone and the ones they do know are not my type: single, employed, heterosexual, etc.,

I’m too old to go to bars or wherever people go to meet each other these days.

What’s a girl to do?

Write a blog.


Dear Reader,

I’m lonely and want a hug. Do you know where I can find Mr. Rebound?





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