I will miss her…

I have three sisters and one of them is my best friend. Today she left the country to move to Eindhoven, Holland (with her husband) which is about 40 miles outside of Amsterdam. She will be gone for at least three years as that is how long my brother-in-law is contracted to work over there. I’ve said goodbye to her at least three times this week. The last time was today, at the airport, where we hurridly chattered our way to departure time.

I will miss her. I already miss her. I think it is the first time I can remember ever hugging someone that tight and crying that hard… and having it given in return.

We are strong women my sister and I. She has held safe and loving space for me this last year which I so desperately needed. She has been there at every turn and has never let me down.

Not once.

If needed to cry she listened.
If I needed to be angry she allowed me to vent.
If I needed a hug she opened her arms.
If I said something hurtful she turned the other cheek.
She is what sisters are supposed to be.
I am blessed to have her as a constant in my life.

The picture below was taken almost 50 years ago. My oldest sister M is on the left, middle sister K… well, she’s in the middle and D, the beautiful blond on the right. I am the baby sitting on the ground. It’s Easter 1963… Maybe 64…

I didn’t know it then but I most certainly know it now;

Sisters can be the mother you never had, the best friend you always wanted and the reality check when you need it.

I love you Di Di. Thank you for being you.

Easter w-the girls

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2 Responses to I will miss her…

  1. dianimal59 says:

    My Sister wrote this.
    About Me.
    I am honored. I am humbled.
    I am in tears.
    I love you Gnat.

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