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Cruel Intentions

I was standing in the living room. I was feeling good, hopeful. There was something in the air that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but it felt pleasant. I turned around and saw him standing in the kitchen. … Continue reading

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The Story of Us and other Random Poetry

I came into this world with a story to tell and have spent my whole finding different ways to share it. One those ways is through poetry and I thought I would share some of it with you today. These … Continue reading

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Free Falling

This time last year I was blissfully unaware that my life was getting ready to change. I knew my marriage wasn’t perfect but I was content and I thought he was too. We had created a life together that excluded … Continue reading

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A (Wo) man’s best Friend

Radar is beautiful three year old miniature (red merle) Australian Shepard. He is also a rescue dog. My youngest daughter and her husband brought him home from a shelter almost two years ago. I remember the day I met him … Continue reading

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I Am Not Jealous, You’re Drunk

I’m exhausted. I am not sleeping well or at the very least not getting a restful sleep. I am feeling fragile, emotional. I feel blindsided by the feelings that are coming to the surface. I shouldn’t be surprised because I … Continue reading

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