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Why Can’t I Move Forward?

I thought I was ready. I went on a date and it was nice. He gave me a gentle kiss goodnight and I enjoyed it. I even thought about him a couple of times yesterday. So, why did I just … Continue reading

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The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Yes, as embarrassed as I am to admit it, I am part of the Bachelor-Nation. I rarely miss an episode due to the pure enjoyment I get from the eye candy of shirtless men competing for the attention … Continue reading

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Giving into the Grief

  Tomorrow would be our 18th wedding anniversary‚Ķ had we not divorced last year. I knew this weekend would be a challenge for me; however events transpired that made this non-anniversary even more difficult. Last Friday I woke up late‚Ķ … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Ex

I sent this letter on April 14, 2013. I did not receive a response. Recently, new information came to light that has been extremely hurtful. Making me question everything… I feel the need to share this with you, my readers. … Continue reading

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Where the Hell are my Rose colored glasses?

I quit my job. It’s a pattern of mine. There’s no denying it. Every two years or so I quit my job for one reason or another. It wasn’t a big deal in the past as I was married to … Continue reading

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